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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Woman Tea Wawasana 12 x 2


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Wawasana Mujer is a natural way to eliminate the excess of fluids during the menstrual period, assisting that way with our well-being those days.

His formula contains various grasses used forever to avoid the indigestion, colics and gases, so common during our rule.

The woman is a perfect combination of Andean and universal, well-known grasses for her virtues for the elimination of the menstrual pains. Mujer during this uses cycle and feel perfect

Type: Tea

Presentation:02 Box of 12 bag filters each

Place a little bag on a water cup
Recently boiled and accent reposing of 4 to 6 minutes.
Sweeten your pleasure. We recommended bee’s honey!

The Plants:

ANISE ( Pimpernel anisum )

Herbaceous feathery even 60cm of height, stem divided into branches,
Inferior sheets, music rounded off or lobed, in them
Ripe divided and feathery plants, catkin in
Umbela, with white little flowers, seeds with
Slots and característico.Tambien is a plant of aroma
Herbaceous yearly and sprightly even 60 cm of height, with stem
Round and divided into branches.

Medicinal use:
Digestive, Flatulencia, Cólicos stomach, Afrodisisco, Tratamiento
Of bronchitis, You Throw Out the gases of the I give indigestion and of the bowels,
Calm headaches.

CINNAMON ( Cinnamomum ceynalicum )

Tree of to 15 meters of height, his bark is
Aromatic of piquancy and piece of candy which for
Decortication, you separate into strips that roll be more than enough
If same. You are from the tropical south West, Sri Lanka
( I Declare Ceylan obsolete ) Malaysia, Indonesia.

Medicinal use:
Stimulant, Aromático, Aperitivo, Emenagogo, ( stimulate
The menstruation ) Astringente, Carminativo, ( you favor expulsion
Of gases ) Digestivo, Para to help gastric juice’s secretion,
Feminine discomforts, Against abdominal colics,
Stomach cooling and diarrhea.

CHAMOMILE ( Feverfew chamomilla )

30 grass 70 cms, of height, of tiny sheets
Lengthened, the yellow-colored flowers downtown, and petals
Targets, sheets, flowers.

Medicinal use:
Severe colics of the I give indigestion and of the bowels,
In order to combat the depression,
It is a digestive plant,
Calm the hepatic pains.

PAICO ( Chenopodium ambrosiodes )

Medicinal use:
Oppressions to the I give indigestion, Stimulant, Digestive, the indigestion Cures in
Children, It Is Used For cases of hysteria, Colics, Nervinesses, and
Cramps, Against the incipient dysentery and dyspepsia.

LITTLE CORIANDER ( Adiantum capillus veneris )

Expectorant and balsamic. Indicated to calm the cough, in
Respiratory diseases ( inflammation of throat, bronchitis ). Himself
You have used in white plague

MALLOW ( Mallow silvestrys )

Grass of webbed sheets, rose-colored color flowers purple
The fruit is medicinal grueso.Uso in the shape of bell
Efficacious in all kind of imflamaciones, Diaforetico,
Emenagogo, Anti-Spasmodic, Imflamaciones urinary,

Medicinal use:
Efficacious in all kind of imflamaciones, Diaforetico, Emenagogo, Anti
Spasmodic, Imflamaciones urinary, Estreñimiento.

OREGANO ( Origanum vulgare )

Green dark, fleshy sheets, oval with borders
Sawings and of frizzy appearance, herbaceous stems


All the plant is rich in an oil
Essential that you contain timol and carvacrol, of sedative, antispasmodic and carminative action. You contain
In like manner flavonoides and acid ursólico, the ones to which his properties are attributed antirreumáticas.

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