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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Asma chilca Wawasana 12 x 2


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Wawasana Asmachilca is an effective blend of the best high Andean plants used traditionally for the relief of all types of respiratory disorders.

Asmachilca helps reduce inflammation of the bronchial mucosal tissue.
Its properties decongestants have rapid effects and very effective in improving all of these annoyances. Can use children and adults.

A cup of hot Asmachilca is the best way to help our body to breathe so deep, spontaneous and healthy.

How to use: Put a bag in a cup of water
freshly boiled water and let stand 4 to 6 minutes.
Add sugar to taste. We recommend honey!

Type: Tea

Presentation:02 Box of 12 bag filters each

Properties:Wawasana Asmachilca is an efficacious mixture of the best tall Andean plants used ancestrally for the relief of all type of respiratory affections.
Asmachilca helps to reduce the inflammation of the mucous bronchial textile. His decongestive properties have fast and very effective effects in the improvement of all those bothers. The children and adults can use it.
Asmachilca’s hot cup is the best way to help our body to breathe of deep, spontaneous and healthy way.

Indications: Place a little bag on a water cup
Recently boiled and accent reposing of 4 to 6 minutes.
Sweeten your pleasure. We recommended bee’s honey!


BORAGE ( Borago officinalis L.)

Medicinal use:
Diuretic, Sudorific, Tos, Bronquitis, the blood Debugs,
Emfermedades of the kidneys, Vejiga, Reumatismo, very efficacious Es
Against measles and scarlet fever.

CINNAMON ( Cinnamomum ceynalicum )

Tree of to 15 meters of height, his bark is
Aromatic of piquancy and piece of candy which for
Decortication, you separate into strips that roll be more than enough
If same. You are from the tropical south West, Sri Lanka
( I Declare Ceylan obsolete ) Malaysia, Indonesia.

Medicinal use:
Stimulant, Aromático, Aperitivo, Emenagogo, ( stimulate her
Menstruation ) Astringente, Carminativo, ( you favor the expulsion of
Gases ) Digestivo, Para to help gastric juice’s secretion,
Feminine discomforts, Against abdominal colics, Enfriamiento
Stomach and diarrhea.

VIPER’S GRASS ( Perezia multi-flora )

Herbaceous plant of to 40 cm. of height, flexible stem,
Basal sheets, arrosetadas, barely velvety,
Lanceolar, coriaceous, embroider doubly furnished with teeth, with
Prickly teeth. Numerous flowers, the marginal
Violaceous and the brownish-gray, considerate main stations

Medicinal use:
Fever reducer, Surdorífico ( treatment of fever ),
Expectorant, Diurético, It Is Considered a repellent excellent grade of

EUCALYPTUS ( Eucalytus globulus )

Tree of a great transport of off-white bark,, of
Pyramidal goblet, sheets are perfumed, white,
Collgantes and lanceolar. Flore white and fruits

Medicinal use:
Disinfectant, Sudorific, Cough, Flu, Common Cold, Fevers, Diabetes,
Pectoral excellent grade.

MINT ( Mentha officinalis )

You reach to half a meter of height; You have sheets
Finely furnished with teeth and his flowers, the fact that they open during in
Summer, they form a group in the shape of spike in the extremity
Of the stems.

Medicinal use:
Disinfectant, tranquilizer, Digestiva and the bile\\\’s stimulant,
Slow digestions, Catarro of the stomach and of the intestine,
Inflammations of the liver, of the gall bladder, of the bile, Against dizziness and
The intestinal gases, utensil in burns.

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