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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Mentaandina Wawasana 12 x 2


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Wawasana MentAndina is a cross between native and cultivated mints that grow watered by the limpid waters of our Andes, between closer heights in the sunlight.

The aromatic and healthy properties of the natural menthol contained in our formula are natural disinfectants that stimulate deliciously our well-being.

MentAndina’s hot cup is the best way to get close to nature and to recover our possession to the mother earth. Suited someone’s purposes freeze, our MentAndina is doubly refreshing.

Type: Tea

Presentation:02 Box of 12 bag filters each

Place a little bag on a water cup
Recently boiled and accent reposing of 4 to 6 minutes.
Sweeten your pleasure. We recommended bee’s honey!

The Plants:

MINT ( Mentha officinalis )

You reach to half a meter of height; You have sheets
Finely furnished with teeth and his flowers, the fact that they open during in
Summer, they form a group in the shape of spike in the extremity
Of the stems.

Medicinal use:
Disinfectant, tranquilizer, Digestiva and the bile’s stimulant,
Slow digestions, Catarro of the stomach and of the intestine,
Inflammations of the liver, of the gall bladder, of the bile, Against dizziness and
The intestinal gases, utensil in burns.

MUÑA ( Minthostachys mollis )

Medicinal use:
Estomacales.Carminativo relieves colics efficaciously, ( favor her
Expulsion of gases ) Analgésico, Afecciones respiratory, Antiseptic.

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