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Yacón’s Honey


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Name:Yacón’s Honey

Type: Honey, Jelly and Pollen

Presentation:Bottle of 400ml


The yacón is a rustic plant adapted to the conditions of production in the eyebrow of jungle; Of origin 100 Andean %, his roots reservantes have a pleasant sweet taste and the consistency of the similar fruit to the apple. The popular belief attributes anti-diabetic, relief properties to the yacón to problems gastrointestinales, renal and rejuvenating of the skin. Today is common knowledge than the majority of the goods positive of the yacón they are provoked by the tall contents of especial sugar that you find in his roots: The oligofructuosa, this sugar is not digested in the human intestine. You have only the fourth part of the heat value of the common sugar.

Medicinal Properties:
* Excellent treatment for diabetes.
* Avoids the constipation and it prevents the cancer of colon.
* Reduces the level of cholesterol and blood\\\’s tri-glycerides.
* Improves the assimilation of calcium and it helps to warn the osteoporosis and at the same time you strengthen bones and teeth.

He recommends to become emaciated in all of the juices and fruit salads.

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