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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Yacon Tea Diabetes Pack x 10 box


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Sunka Yacon is an infusion elaborated on the basis of yacon’s leaves, which contributes to shortening the nveles of sugar in the recommended blood to attenuate the effects of diabetes, the elevated cholesterol and for to prevent the cancer of colon.

Type: Tea

Presentation:10 Boxes of 25 bag filters each


Place a little bag on a water cup
Recently boiled and accent reposing of 4 to 6 minutes.
Sweeten your pleasure. We recommended bee’s honey!

Sheets of Yacón selected, 100 natural and ecological, appropriate % of cultivations of the zone Oriental nor of the Peru.

Anti-diabetic, reduce the tall levels of glucose ( hipoglicemiante ), help in the treatments of reduction of cholesterol and obesity, antirust the sheets have a proteic contents in the neighborhood of the 11 to the 17 %.

It is recommended to use the give you Yacon as you water down of time, if you present some of stos symptoms or simply to feel better.

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