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Amarant Maca Premium No-Sugar


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Is a delicious and nutritious complement that join three super cereals that are amaranth and quinoa with Andean maca which make Kiwigen Premium a great reconstituent and natural invigorating.
• It reduces the weariness and fatigue.
• It doesn’t have cholesterol.

• It is easy to prepare and is instantaneous.
• It revitalizes and gives more energy.
• It has all the essential amino acids because of the nutritional characteristics of proteins.
• It contribute to reduce stress.
• It has vitamins and fiber, the correct minerals to have a balanced nutrition. Contain 340 g.

KIWICHA, QUINOA and MACA are Andean cereals cultivated at more than 3000 meters over the sea level. They are a source of proteins of excellent quality, whose content of vitamins and minerals, like calcium and iron, are needed for a good growth and complete development.

KIWICHA (Amaranth)
Has an elevated content of proteins, fat, fiber, minerals and vitamins. It has a high quality of proteins especially the lysine, methionine and the tryptophan, amino acids that are in high quantities, promoting the proteins value, similar to milk. In addition, the amaranth is a gluten-free cereal with carbohydrates of easy digestion recommended for persons who suffer from the bad absorption syndrome provoked by the gluten of the cereals.

Is an ancient cereal used by Incas in their daily diet and they named them Kina or Huapa, considering them as “The mother of all grains”. It has impressive characteristics added to a complete composition of 18 amino acids, including the 10 essential, specially the lysine that helps with the growth processes.
The quinoa has a high quantity of fiber making easy the process of digestion and is a source rich in vital nutrients.


Is a plant that stood out in the ancient Peru because of the sophistication of its farming, properties and high content of minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamins, etc.) that made it comparable, in many cases, with the current medicine.
The Maca is a source of nutrients that helps health in many aspects such as obtaining more energy, fatigue resistance, decrease of weariness and stress among many other properties.

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