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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Paneton Motta 2009 – 6 pack


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The paneton Motta is a paneton Donofrio and Peru. The paneton is a sweet Milanese shaped dome made with flour, yeast, eggs, butter, sugar, raisins and crystallized fruits.

The origins of this particular sweet are very old, seemingly ancient Romans were the first who enjoyed endulzándolo with honey. Over time this delicious high with yeast bread and fruits is present on several occasions. Anyone who spoke for the first time of panetón as sweet Christmas Milanese was the writer illuminist Pietro Verri, calling Pane di tone (Pane large). But the industry is due to the fact that the Panettone has become the sweet Christmas and all Italians now famous throughout the world.

In the 50s two entrepreneurs Milanese Gino Angelo Motta and Alemagna, launched throughout Italy and throughout the world the panettone, sweet typical Christmas.

The Panetón Motta traditional, with essence of orange, raisins and fruits of the highest quality. It’s rich!.


Box 900g x 6

Net Weight:
900 x 6 g.


Flour, sugar, butter, Raisins, Egg Yolks,
Hydrogenated vegetable fat, Fruit confitada, preservatives,
Emulsiónantes, milk powder, salt, Flavoring,
Leudante, Acidulante and coloring.

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