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Maca Flour Powder


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The maca nowadays finds itself in a limited region of the Peruvian Andes with heights on top of the 4000 meters s n of the sea. The maca is an Andean unequaled treasure, it is commendable for children in age of growth, old men and sportsmen. The maca needs not medical prescription.

It is considered a superior, healthful, powerful, tonic, vigorous and stimulating food that is consumed by children, young people, adults and older.

Activates the neurons revitalizing the functions of the brain.

Stimulating natural of the hypothalamus and hypófisis and these as well as the glands endocrines like thyroid, pancreas, suprarenal, ovaries and testicles, to produce hormones necessary to maintain the homeostasis of the human body.

Favoring the reproductive capacity of the couples and the Treatment of the pre-menstrual and regulating Syndrome of the menstrual cycle.

Helping in the Treatment of the menopause: stuffy weather, nocturnal perspiration, insomnia, changes of the character, etc.

Regulating cholesterol, reducing the LDL or “bad” cholesterol.
The sum of estrogens, fitohormones and other substances as the glucosinolates, alkaloids, etc. act improving the sexual libido.

Favoring the calcification and development of the bones in children.

Helping in the treatment of patients with fractures, raquitism and osteomalacy

Helping in the Treatment of women with osteoporosis (favored by fitohormones)

Stimulating the hematopoyes (formation and maturation of the red globule)

Helping in the Treatment of the anemia

Increasing the capacity of the system of defense of the organism.

It is considered an antioxidant, because it avoids the precocious cellular aging and also antistressing

Name : Maca

Type : Flours

Presentation :Bottle of 250gr

Medicinal properties:

* Anti – fatigue, combat the symptom of chronic fatigue.

* Anti – stress, increase the lucidity, the concentration and reflections.

* Combats the anemia and it stimulates the immune system.

* Combats the masculine impotence ( possess 2 of the active components of the viagra ).

Highly efficacious * in the stage of menopause and after – menopause also regulates the hormonal secretion and combats the hormonal dysfunctions.

Boiling 3 spoonfuls in 1 liter of water, adding bees honey Kaita or brown sugar to pleasure.

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