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Essence of Coffee Aroma Villa Rica Peru


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From Peruvian valleys to your table. Natural essence of the best coffee in Peru, with the highest quality, which meets the requirements or consumer demands more challenging and so could enjoy the pleasure of drinking the best coffee in the world.

Only people who drink coffee really understand the pleasures to be found in a small bowl. In the case of Peruvian coffee, the satisfaction is multiplied.

Peru has all the favorable conditions for the production of one of the most exclusive and fine grains of the world. Characterized by its penetrating aroma, excellent body and unsurpassed flavor. The Peruvian coffee was awarded in the Fine Coffees of the World Contest for the second consecutive year, surpassing coffee recognized powers like Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador. You also join the long list of privileged coffee connoisseurs, and he understands why the Peruvian coffee is today one of the most sought after in the world.


Ceramic Bottle for Collection

Content: 300 ml.

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Weight 600 g


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