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Coffe Cocla Tradition – Quillabamba Cusco


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This dark roast blends the finest coffees of the Incas’ mystical from Quillabamba, the rugged Peruvian Andes frame the beauty and tradition of generations of coffee cultivation, sun drying and milling.

Coffee grows here at altitudes of 1,800 to 2,000 meters (5,900 to 6,500 feet), nourished by an ideal climate and soil. This is coffee that fights for space amid forces of nature eager to reclaim it. Distant from supplies of modern fertilizers and equipment, these small-scale farmers are naturally self sufficient. They turn to the earth’s natural nutrients and farm as their Inca ancestors did.

The result is a coffee with a flavor that’s both wild and restrained, fruity and aggressive. You’ll note hints of plum and apricot in its aroma and a natural sweetness in its flavor. We buy this coffee from small farm cooperatives around Cuzco and blend it for a year-round consistent flavor. We’ve dark roasted this untamed blend to bring out the very best.

Weight: 220 grams.


La Convencion, Quillabamba – Cusco – Peru

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