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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Cats Claw Tea Medisana Wawasana


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Properties: His scientific name is Uncaria Tomentosa and she grows in the Peruvian amazonía. She has been praised all over the world by his surprising medicinal properties. This climbing liana can get to measure to 20 meters of height and his stems, supplied of coarse curved thorns, they allow joining up and to climb the trees. The therapeutic benefits of cat’s fingernail focus on his stem and root and they were discovered by the indiums Ashaninkas does millennia.

Name:Cats Claw

Type: Tea

Presentation:Box 100 bag filters

Medicinal properties:

Various studies at the country and the foreigner, they indicate than this plant behaves like one powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and natural antiartrósico

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