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Composite natural laxative prepared on the basis Agracejo and Sen.

Sen (Cassia angustifolia) The Sen is a shrub of the family of legumes, originally from the Middle East. The fruits contain anthraquinone free, mainly the Queen (1-8 dihydroxy carboxy-3 anthraquinone), crisofanol and aloe-emodol, these are not very active. It also has anthracene, which are the most important core assets, and within these are Senno A and B (direineantronas), glucosennosidos A and B (monoantronas), Senna C and D (diantronas), 8-monoglucosido queen, queen-Antrona 8 -glucoside and aloe-emodol-glucoside. He also holds a lesser amount uronico mucilage, a polyol (pinitol), pigments flavones (kaempherol, isoamnetol) and resin. Anthraquinone derivatives confer colágoga action at low doses and laxative and purgative levels higher. Most of its heterósidos reach the colon where unaltered by the action of bacterial flora, released agliconas producing irritation of the nerve endings in the intestinal wall leading to secretion of water and increase intestinal peristalsis. The effect is manifested 10-12 hours after intake.

Agracejo (Berberis vulgaris) The Agracejo Zarzosa is a shrub originating in the Iberian peninsula. The whole plant, except for the fruit, has a high Concentration of alkaloids. The most abundant of these is the berberina, along with the berbamina and magnoflorina. In the fruits are different sugars, citric acid, tartaric acid and gums. Berberina is the tonic of a bitter taste with snacks and colerética important actions, the other alkaloids have also hypotensive action, and anti colágogas. The fruits have a slight laxative effect.


Adults: 1 to 2 capsules of food.


120 units.

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