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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Inca’s Rose Salt of Maras – Smoked


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100% organic and natural.

Pink Salt from Maras is optimal in the assimilation of food and electrolyte balance in the blood and with a unique flavor that will delight your senses. Note that this product is priced and beneficial to health.

In recent years the pink salt has gained a deserved space and market position national and international cuisine.

The best chefs and restaurants in the world make use of this unique listed Sal Gourmet. This salt comes from an ancient ocean trapped beneath the earth (about 200 million years ago) and its pink color is due to the content of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

At the time of the Incas Maras Salt Rosada was extracted solely and exclusively for the use of the Inca nobility.

Weight Content: 400 g.

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Weight 501 g


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