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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Grean Tea with Pineapple Wawasana


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The many health claims attributed to him in green tea residing in their particular manufacturing process. It comes from the same plant that black tea (Camellia sinensis), but the big difference is that it gets dry leaves per share vapor (Japanese system) or warming (Chinese system). Wawasana the best green tea imported from China.

These processes hardly alter their chemical composition, taking into account also that the green tea leaves are not left to ferment after harvest and before the drying process, thus retain the active ingredients of the plant (polyphenols), but there fermentation enzymes.

Relieves headaches, remove obstructions of the spleen, kidneys treated, it is beneficial for renal calculi, easier breathing, solves the nervous and digestive problems, cure the lack of appetite, enhances memory, relieves fatigue and improves vision.

Green tea can also affect the absorption of iron, thus advised to take it with milk. Due to polifenos (powerful antioxidants), which owns, has demonstrated its effect on the prevention and therapy of cancer (colon, pancreas and stomach, among others).

Help when diarrhoea and gastroenteritis. It prevents heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke. His fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, it is diuretic, stimulates circulation, stimulates the immune system or defensive, encourages the elimination of fat, and if implemented cold tea bags on the eyes, they are desinflaman.

Now Wawasana introduced green tea with a delicious Pineapple flavor

Type: Tea

Presentation:Box of 20 bag filters

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