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Concha de Nacar Cream


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The shell of mother-of-pearl has been used through generations by the properties that you have somebody help in problems of the skin. This wonderful product is elaborated by laboratory Kaita. His principal ingredient is the dust of shell mother-of-pearl. You get this dust from the seashells, demonstrating to have insuperable properties for the treatment and care of the skin. Medicinal properties
– The shell of mother-of-pearl erases stains generated by the step of the years, for the sun and those produced by pregnancy.
– Attenuate all type of scars, eliminate the acne, little blackheads and acne in fast and effective form.
– Relieve insects’ stings and eliminate your check mark, the dry skin without leaving her greasy humidifies, you relieve the irritation after the shave.

Usos:Clearing the zone of the skin where he is going to apply over himself the cream, washing with a soft soap and native. Drying the skin, applying the cream at the affected zone, giving some small massages softly until she be absorbed. The process must repeat three up-to-date times itself at the very least, if you desire it more.

Nombre: Concha of Nácar

Tipo: Creme

Presentación: Envase of 120gr

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