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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Barm Flour


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Name:Barm Flour

Type: Flours

Presentation:Bottle of 250gr

Medicinal Properties:
* Is a protein-rich complement and you vitaminize of the group B, ideal to supplement deficient diets, being of easy digestibility and fast absorption for the organism.
* Possesses proteins of biological half a value, with good composition in amino acids.
* Contains bigger lisina’s quantity than the soybean and peas and it is two times as much rich than the proteins contained in the seeds of oleaginous; Only she is level by the egg and milk.
* His contents of treonina and isoleucina is not surpassed by no other vegetable food.
* Only has metionina’s relatively low levels and cistern.
* For Deportistas, improvement his performance, you make easy the oxygenation of the muscular tissues.
* Supplements vegetarian diets.
* Antioxidant natural *.
* Favors the LDL’s reduction cholesterol ( bad cholesterol ).

Dissolving of 2 3 spoonfuls with juices, soups, milk, etc after of foods.

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Weight 300 g


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