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Andean Small Pan Flute & Quena Wood Flutes


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These small Pan Flutes – Antara, are handcrafted from peruvian andean people, they are functional and play music.

These Quenas ( used by Peruvian Flute Band) are hand-crafted from the finest natural wood. For professional use.

Antara Musical instrument is an important pre-Columbian Paracas and Nazca cultures, going back 2,500 years or more.

In the remains of the Nazca culture, are ANTARA ceramic and finished color and knowledge of acoustics and physics. We can point to NAZCA as the most advanced musicians from all over America in his time.

Copies distributed by many museums in Peru and the world, are the great finish to the Nazca managed, not only in ceramics but also in musical scales.

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