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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Pisco Acholado Demonio de los Andes Tacama


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This pisco is made with the finest grape varieties grown in the TACAMA vineyard.  Its taste and perfume, linked to the grapes it comes from, are strong and pleasant.  It is ideal for making cocktails, especially the famed “Pisco Sour”.  

Its label has a history of its own.  TACAMA decided to use the name of one of the most picturesque and tumultuous figures of the conquest of Peru whose bravura can be compared to that of the liquor in the bottle: Don Francisco de Carvajal, notorious for his wickedness and cruelty to friend and foe alike, and for his particular brand of cynicism and sense of humour.  The fear he inspired earned him the nickname of “Demonio de los Andes” (Demon of the Andes).

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