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Maca Extract


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MACA 100% Natural & Organic Extract (Lepidium peruvianum).

The Maca plant is indigeneous to Peru and the root has been used since ancient times by the Andean people. The native people have traditionally used Maca for its energetic and invigorating properties. Due to its nutritional properties, it is considered by many nutritionists as a 21st century food product.

SANTA NATURA NATURAL MACA EXTRACT is prepared with organic Maca. The extract is enriched with Camu Camu, a plant indigenous to the Amazon region and currently known to possess the highest natural concentration of vitamin C in the world.

Prepared with organic plants free of pesticides and chemicals.

Traditional uses related to support, maintain and assist:

Physical, mental, and sexual reconstituent

Enhancing physical performance for athletes

Reducing menopause symptoms

Suggested serving(s):

15ml 1-3 times a day

* Taking one 15ml serving a day will provide you with a month supply.

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