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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Herba Life


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Name:Herba Life

Type: Extract

Presentation:Bottle of 500ml

Properties:The Extract Herbavida is the result of the mixture of several curative plants that they help the treatment of cancer, the fingernail of cat, tahuari, calahuala, petals of sunflower and another woodland plants fix it that they guarantee a better effectiveness in the treatment.

Medicinal properties:

The Extract herbavida exercises on the human body the total purification of blood.

The plants that you possess this Extract he is known antirust virtues.
Like desintoxicante of environmental toxins.

The elk is efficacious cases of chronic fatigue, organic depression and acne.

Besides he turns to her in diverticulitis’s treatments, colitis, hemorrhoids, fistulas, gastritis, ulcers, parasites and alterations of the intestinal flora.
A product of action is stimulant inmuno, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, prevents the start of cancer and it reinforces the immune system.

You upgrade the tolerance to the chemotherapy and the radiation.

Adults: Taking from 3-5 spoonfuls after foods
Children: Taking 1 spoonful after foods.

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