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Exclusive formula developed for the management of gynecological problems. Developed on the basis Malva, Matic, Manayupa and Calagula.

Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) Its leaves contain mucilages, have small amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and E. Its contains mainly mucilages urónica of nature, which gives galacturonic acid hydrolysis, galactose, arabinose, and rhamnose, and anthocyanins whose Genina is the malvidol This plant has demulcent activity, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, mucolytics, slightly laxative and diuretic. Popularly its leaves are considered hypoglycemic.

Matico (Piper angustifolium) in its composition have been identified monoterpenes (borneol, isoborneol, canfeno, Canfor, limonene, acetate Terpinol, thymol) Sesquiterpenes (beta-bisabolol, carifileno, erenofileno) and phenylpropanoids (miristicina). This plant has multiple applications etomedicinales, being used as an anti-inflammatory, antitussive, digestive, antidiarrheal, healing, antiseptic and vaginal against relegation.

Manayupa (Desmodium molliculum) in the composition of the Manayupa find Saponins (dehidrosoyasaponina I soyasaponinas I, II and III, soyasaponegol B, other saponins tripertenoides), astragalina, beta-feniletilendiamina, cosmosiina, cianidino-3-ortosoforósido, hordenina, pelargonidin – 3-ortho-Ramnäs, tectorigenina, tetrahydroisoquinoline, salsolina, tyramine. Traditionally it is used as a mucosal Genitourinary desinflamante of the woman. Antiallergic properties, bronchodilator, antispasmodic, muscle relaxants, analgesic and anticonvulsant.

Calaguala (Polypodium Calaguala) The Calaguala is a fern that grows in the dry forests of South America. In its composition have been identified flavonoids, alkaloids and lipids. Its attributed to a special group of fats called sulfoquinovosildiacilgliceroles. The Calaguala has been shown to have activity modulator of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective antitussive.


Adults: 10 to 15 ml of the extract before or after of food.



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