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Mint with Inka Tea Delisse

Apple vinegar with green Te


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Kaita laboratories in Peru, the leading company in natural products nationally, has developed the Apple Vinegar Kaiten reinforced with green tea, the only one in the market with more than a year of fermentation, developed through a process of conserving the natural highest quality standards, to assure you the highest concentration of active ingredients Every day we hear most often about the virtues of vinegar Apple, which has gone from being a simple add-cooking to become one of the best allies in the care of our health. The apple vinegar is the product of the fermentation of sugars from the Apple: – In the first phase, called the alcoholic fermentation of sugars are converted into alcohol and gas by the action of yeast. – In the second phase, called acetic fermentation, the alcohol is converted into acetic acid per share of the bacterium Acetobacter. This process creates a natural product with an incredible variety of active ingredients, including organic acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and flavonoids. The green tea beverage is one of the oldest in the world. For centuries, green tea, remained the beverage of preference in Asian countries. In these countries, tea means prosperity, harmony, beauty, serenity and has become a ritual. Few knew the facts about their qualities, more so now they are counting on all the properties of Green Tea: Several studies have confirmed that green tea not only helps burn more calories, but it helps in reducing body fat. In addition, green tea is especially rich in antioxidants. Remember, though some fruits and vegetables also are rich in these compounds has been shown that the antioxidants of green tea are more abundant and more powerful. For all these features in this new product is a natural alternative for the control of overweight.


15 mL of the extract after each main meal.



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